Others at the WA Class 2016

Dec 2, 2016, 9:51 PM |

At the SCC Extravaganza, a brave soul mainly played 5 Class D players(1200-1399), 3.5/5, and one Class B Dark Horse(1600-1799), which that brave soul lost to, after a hiatus.

For the WA Class, that brave soul has been given a complicated choice: to play up, or not to play up. After the decision, another complicated choice came in that brave mind: to do 3-day and take a 2nd round bye, or not to do 3-day and take a 2nd round bye.

Anyways, lets ignore that for now and move on to this.

So in the Dark Horse Master 2200+ section, our WA Class Champion of the year, Ignacio Perez(2238-2303), tried the 3-day option for the first time in his life. And believe it or not, went 5.5/6 beating Aaryan Deshpande(2003-1991), Seth Talyansky (2179-2189), who drew GM James Tarjan 6 months ago at the WAO, Bryce(2400 at last!) Tiglon (2398-2401), after some odd setbacks with Timothy Killian, who unfortunately can't join us for whatever reason, Anthony He(2242-2261), and Tian Sang(2373-2359), and drawing with Inglemoor Sophomore and 2015 State Champion Roland Feng (2438-2435), who also won clear 2nd. Third place went to another sophomore, Bryce Tiglon. Why are sophomores doing so good in this section?

 Anyways, on to the tiny 12-player Expert Section. Strangely enough to be honest, more than half of the players were playing in their own section. The dark horse in that one was Alan Bishop(2000-2043), who was failing badly in the past six months, finally put his failures to an end and clenched clear 1st with 4.5/6 beating (again) (Lakeside) sophomore Benjamin Brusniak(2018-1990), Neil Doknjas(1960-1944) from BC, after winning the Oregon U2000(a section someone has played in), Upcoming scholastic player Jason Yu(1990-1984), who has strangely enough not been improving, and STEM School Freshman Vikram Ramamsamy(2061-2078), drawing to Sophomore(another one) James Soetedjo(1948-1959) in the first round, and losing only to Roger(back to 2100!) Patterson (2084-2100), who split 2nd-3rd with Vikram.

The crazy "Premier Section" U2000, was crazy because more than half of the players were playing up, resulting in Interlake Junior Jason Yang(1797-1799) to be in the upper half against Isaac Vega(1748-1829) in the first round. Brent Baxter(1948-1973) and Travis(almost expert) Olson(1876-1953) split 1st-2nd with 5 points each. 3rd place went to Isaac, as a special mention. Isaac was the lowest rated in the section because his published rating was 1660.

Now, we are on to the special 36-player "Reserve" U1800 section. The clear dark horse was Vignesh Anand(1792-1819), who decided to play in his own section for once. Along the way, Vignesh went undefeated and beat Catherine Smith (1607-1556), Alec Beck(1661-1656), Angelo Bravo, and upcoming Owen Xuan(1711-1800), and drawing to Jerrold(Make it to 1600 before its all over) Richards(1510-1512), and Andreas Farny(1690-1751). 2nd and 3rd place went to Owen Xuan and Garett Casey(1801-1836), who came all the way from Spokane to participate in this event. The reason that this huge U1800 'reserve' section(at least compared to last year) is so special because one brave soul, as mentioned early on in this blog, was unfortunately a part of it without a single win. A forced fpb, a draw to the resilient Marionito Jose(1648-1613), and all loses otherwise. This brave soul, with the initials of AJ, like on the back of his jacket played up a section with the rating of 1481, had to play in the 2-day option due to a thanksgiving celebration on the prior night, having to lose to Braxton Casey(1803-1800), Kevin Xu(1653-1642), Robin Tu(1750-1672), and Scott Wynn(1623-1593).

The not-so special 'Amateur' U1600 section, consisted of mainly scholastic players, as of the lower 2 sections as well. Dark horses in that section were Brian Lee(1401-1576), and Stanwood Freshman Munkhbileg Munkh-Erdene(1391-1571), with 5/6, both undefeated, and 180ish points happier. 3rd-4th was Boas(am I still tall?) Lee(1608-1627) and Brandon Peng(1457-1573) with 4.5/6 each.

The 'Booster' U1400 was even more so as the dark horse was Melody Wang(1323P-1445P) with 5/6 undefeated beating Sarah Ewig(1054-1015), Aaron Fischer(1593-1502), who's roll had just stopped, Homeschooled Sophomore Daniel Wilke(1353-1312), and upcoming Anirudh Rajesh(1355-1397), and drawing to Ethan Pogrebinsky(1341-1403) and the underrated Nathan Liu(1098P-1269P). Anirudh also clinched clear 2nd with 4.5/5 while Andy Tien(1403-1428) to whom the 'brave soul' lost to in the extravaganza, Ethan Pogrebinsky, Victor Zhang(1293-1336), the recipent of the 'brave soul first round upset' in the extravaganza, and Nathan Liu clinched clear 3rd with 4/6.

To save time, the unimportant 'Novice' U1200 will be skipped, because the players there are just way too underdog to mention.