Others at the Washington Open

Jun 10, 2016, 7:20 PM |

Normally, my tournament blogs would be self-centered, but not this time. First of all, this is a big tournament, so I want to incorporate the results of others. Second of all, I only scored 3/6 after re-entry in the booster and lost 66 points in rating(1209-1143). 

First of all, in the Big-Dawg Open Section, 3 players tied for 1st-3rd 5.0: FM Nick Raptis(2378-2388)(3-day), FM Tanraj Sohal(2265-2287)(3-day), and NM Samuel He(2259-2282)(3-day). Vying in for 4th to 11th 4.5 were GM James Tarjan(2515-2505), NM Roland Feng(2430-2405), NM Bryce Tiglon(2386-2395), NM Marcel Milat(2357-2351), FM Curt Collyer(2311-2314), NM Daniel He(2287-2289), NM Kyle Haining(2286-2273), and Owen McCoy of Portland(1981-2015). Best Senior was James Tarjan, while Best Junior was Samuel He and Best Female was Badamkhand Norovsambuu(2025-2021)(2-day).

On to the Reserve U1800 we see that we have a clear winner... Dan Matthews(1714-1803)(5.5)(3-day)!, who drew only to Petar Spasic. Vying in for 2nd-3rd were of similar rating class, David Hendricks(1644-1741)(2-day) and Brian Sullivan(1662-1723) of BC 5.0 each. Tied for 4th to 8th 4.5 each, were Joseph Truelson, who I was trying to get to play up(1782-1793)(2-day), Robin Tu(1735-1752)(3-day), Robert Allen(1700-1700)(3-day), Petar Spasic(1613-1694)(3-day) who took 2 hpbs at the end, and Minda Chen(1672-1685)(2-day). Top Senior was Brian Sullivan while top junior was Joseph Truelson and top female was Minda Chen.

Now, onto the (I shouldn't be saying this) unimportant Booster Section! Like the reserve, we had a clear 1st place winner, except (s)he was the only 6.0 scorer in the entire tournament! Shoutout to Sophie Szeto(1250-1432), who also got 1st female and 1st junior. Vying in 2nd-4th 5.0 were Brian Frasca(0-1149), Timothy Sheehan(1255-1351) who got 1st senior, and Nolan Daniels(1331-1398). Tying in for 5th-6th were Kevin Nam(1263-1247) and Ethan Pogrebinsky(1211-1234). 

Anyways, I hope you had a good time at the Washington Open. And if you didn't, I hope you will do better next year!