Pokemon GO Team Survey: Which team are you based on the type of chess player you are

Jul 25, 2016, 8:23 PM |

Ok so on facebook over the past 2.5 weeks, there have been a ****************** ton of posts regarding Pokemon GO teams, which gave me the idea to write this blog, determining which team you should chose/ should have chosen based on the kind of chess player you are for yous pokemon GO fans out there(my self included). You will be asked 4 questions. In the comments section, comment your results/answer to each of the four questions, and then I will comment back which team you should be.

1. First, I will start off with what you open up with as white. Knowing your white opening is vital because thats how you start your game. What do you play as white on move 1?

a. e4    b. d4    c. Anything else

2. After figuring out your white opening, you've got to know your black openings. The reason I bolded the s is because youv'e got to have multiple of them so that you'll be prepared for 1. e4 AND 1. d4(The 2 main 1st moves). However I will ask about 1.e4. What would you most likely play against 1.e4?

a. Sicilian(1... c5)    b. French(1... e6)    c. Pirc(1... d6)

3. Now, lets switch to tournament options. So you are invited to play in a tournament with a 3-day option and a 2-day option. Which one would you opt?

a. 3-day    b. 2-day    c. No Preference

Finally, one last question. How often do you play up?

a. Always    b. Never    c. Sometimes

Comment your results below and I will reply back your team.