Seattle Spring Open(A barrier broken!)

Mar 22, 2016, 9:26 PM |

It was a spaced out day as I walked into the SCC on saturday morning. Only 5 people were there. More people started making their way in at the last minute(frankly). There was a lot of chaos in the 1st round. My opponent changed a total of 3 TIMES! The 3 of them being Ethan Pogrebinsky(1305-1211), Travis Olson(1922-1913), and the real one being Teddy Roberts(1411-1478). Although I lost that round, that didn't make me lose more, as my rating(1089-1202) jumped above 1200.

In contrast to next round, this 2nd round was awesome! I achieved one of my greatest chess accomplishments, to beat August Piper(1500-1500), who had a bad weekend apparently, which I did. One of my friends, Alex Kaelin(860-999), upset Ethan Pogrebinsky, who also had a bad weekend.


The next round wasn't anything better, as I played horribly against Kerry Van Veen(1557-1552)

Due to a school project however, I had to take a 4th round hpb, giving me 1.5/4 in total. So in the 5th round, I got to play against Jeffrey Kou. Unfortunately I was black. But that didn't matter, because I won the game.