Cheating detectors of

Aug 8, 2011, 8:29 AM |

Hey! Do you think people cheat? Well I do not think so. Because my Chess COACH was caught cheating. Well they say that part of their cheating detecting is about comparing computer moves and actuall play. They say that they compare our moves with MANY chess programs. So one of our moves is bound to be the same as any programme, and then again if they do catch cheaters why do they do not take in protests ??

I once saw the list of banned users and their were probhably over 5500. I think they use some of the high rated players who have played about 3 or 4 years and ban them because players are getting too many. One minute i saw one of the 2700 players online and the next minute he was banned. If your rating is above 2000 well you are in great danger. 

Their is an option called protest in but they do not actually care about that. is a brilliant site, but disposing of players does not get a conclusion. Every 10 minutes a player is banned. So 52560 users are banned evry year. What can we do? Their is no other site as brilliant as and they are just throwing away their glory. If this continues like this I am sure one more site will come up and will disappear.

This is my first blog and i am 12. I cant write 10 paragraphs. Thank you for reading! Smile