Online Maddness

Feb 23, 2010, 9:05 PM |

So obiously i started playing online here @ after my moment of glory and first win since I was close to 10.  I'm just going to say it now and get it out, I am really bad at chess.  There I said it...I find myself scratching my head and kicking myself every other move.  It's almost like I forget that my pieces can take their pieces sometimes, because I get so caught up in what they are doing and makin my big D that I completely forget that the object of this game is to checkmate the other guy's king and not just stopping the other guy from checkmating mine.  Needless to say, I have a loosing record.  I would play one of those games that's not live but progresses over time, but the one that they threw me into with a "volunteer" who i could ask questons to and junk, well lets just say maybe he didn't like my name, or maybe he changed his mind about helpin a newbie out, but he quit the game.  It's not like I'm taking it personally, but being completely honest with everyone, I'm a little disappointed.  I think I might try another one, but probably at a later date.

One last thing before I let you all go back to playing chess or reading more blogs or whatever you may be doing at this time: NEVER PLAY THE COMPUTER!!!

It only makes you feel like you should have been in those special classes in high school with the mentally challenged kids.  No offense because I'm sure there are some mentally challenged people who could whoop me at chess, but that computer kicks your ass, takes down your name, looks up your address, and kicks you in the balls.

happy chess all