Me and chess

Aug 25, 2007, 3:43 AM |

Hi all

just joined the site and like what I have seen so far. I am a 60 year old male living in the UK and have played chess for most of my life. The standard I play at is certainly nothing to shout about (currently approx. 1400 on ICC!) but by God I love the game!

I am also a playwright with several published plays (currently considering writing about chess....any ideas?) if you are interested you can find my website here

I should like to use this blog to decribe my experiences on ICC (and now here of course!) I see from the forums that many people have already mentioned "trash" comments. I'm sure we all suffer from these, I have had some beauties i.e

" you're an idiot", "you can't play chess", You should never be able to beat me"

"You're pathetic" etc.......all after I had just beaten the commenters.

I find all this quite amusing but also very very sad.

One of my pet hates is the player who logs off when he is about to lose and then does his best to avoid re playing the game.

My favourite opening is the Ruy Lopez and I play the Sicilian (usually Najdorf) against E4. I play the Kings Indian against D4