Philippines QC Chess Plaza at Quezon Memorial Circle

Philippines QC Chess Plaza at Quezon Memorial Circle

May 2, 2008, 7:38 PM |

I am inviting you, my fellow chessplayers,  to visit the Philippines. And if you do,  make sure that your itinerary includes the QC Chess Plaza.

The Plaza  is located  inside the Quezon City Memorial Circle at the heart of Quezon City. This is a park in the middle of the city and is considered as a major landmark. Another landmark fronting the Circle is the City Hall.

The chess plaza is inside a greenery, trees and flowers  aplenty and of course..  people  doing some jogging, biking, badminton and maybe volleyball. There is  always something to see here. So don't forget to bring your digital camera.

If you are commuting and you want to visit the plaza,  alight  at Quezon City Hall and enter the underground passage to reach the Circle. As you emerge, you will see a cluster of first-class restaurants (great food but pricey!). Walk for 10 minutes inside the circle, and  make sure you follow the 'Chess Plaza'  pathwalk signs. 

If you opt to drive, you must enter the gate across Philippine Coconut Authority (PHILCOA), turn right at the first corner and 100 meters away is the Chess Plaza.  You will be able to park 10 meters away.

Try to imagine from the picture above that around 40 chess sets can be accommodated inside two thatched roofs. The chess plaza opens at around 8:00 in the morning and closes at 10:00 p.m. 

I've met some lawyers, engineers, a judge, a dentist, some lawmen, a few overseas filipino workers, and professional chess players (those who play for money.. beware of these guys.. they are really strong players maybe national masters  in strength or the level of IMs.. titled or untitled.. if you want to wager some of your money for really strong chess.. then try them).

You will always find somebody here to play with... blitz or long games.

I consider the place as  safe and crime-free.

 If you love chess and adore nature, this place is for you.