Lazy day

Apr 5, 2016, 8:16 PM |

So I am laying here, and my girl is all cuddled up. She isnt really into chess, and calls it my "boring hobby." However somewhat by osmosis, she is figuring out the moves of the board, and being a smart little chica. And this made me smile. When I am writing a message, she is intrigued, and she reads through the website as I click here and there, and all around, is accidentally finding she likes the game :D

So I was curious, what all do other players do on lazy days? when you really dont feel like playing 10 games, but just click about the interwebs? Do you try and share the fun side of chess websites? like odd blogs (Like this one) or do you avoid or dive into tactical training?

I really would like to get an idea of other things I could go about when next I feel lazy or crazy :D

Peace, Love, and a rubber glove!