Wins and losses

Nov 9, 2013, 12:52 AM |

Wins and losses are a funny concept. I am currently playing in a tournament, and with my recent studying, and renewed vigor in analyzing positions, I have done well. My online rating has started to steadily rise, and I am sure it will taper off somewhere around whatever my current rating should be, I was looking at my wins and losses as of late.

If I play fast, I lose. If I play slow, I am able to navigate almost any position for the most part. And then I realized a second thing. Playing against a player rated ~1850, I won one, and I lost one. The one I won, I was losing, and come back to dominate. The one I lost, I was ahead, and blundered and subsequently resigned. It made me think about many of my recent losses, and how over confidence leads to mistakes.

So take one from me, get excited when you are up, but dont play a move until you calm back down and focus. Take the time to analyze your moves, your opponents moves, and then make a proper educated move.