The Best Chess Inluencer in my Lie

Feb 4, 2014, 6:44 PM |

For lovers of chess, there must be some point in life that triggered your interests in the game. Often times this interest just fade away mainly because there are priorities to attend to in life. For me, there are people that seems to sustain my chess interest. Here are the lists of people who make my interest in chess soar:

IM Silman - great writer of chess issues.

Mato Jelic - fabulous chess video commentator

Bat Woman - Remarkable researcher of chess history

Mikhail Tal - unorthodox, creative, risk taker, genius and unpredictable chess attacker of all time.

Although I am a nobody but I just would like to share this to all chess lovers of these remarkable personalities that deserve such recognition.

Most of all to God bless.