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my chess blog

my chess blog

Jul 16, 2008, 9:09 PM 4

well this is just my blog where i talk about chess. i find chess to be a game of chalenges and mystery. but yet i still dont understand it. i look for a way to improve and i get tips but yet i cant master the game. but still i play, i dont mind losing but its the fact that i cant learn how to learn from my mistakes that gets me. what is the perfect stratagy so i can have a chance at a game. like i said i dont mind losing i just want a chance. i wonder who and how got the idea for chess. its nice having a friend of mine here so i can play her all the time. shes a nice person in life and a darn good chess player. (with help from her family of courese). chess is for sure the best.

chess is getting even more fun since my opponents are getting smarter.

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