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birthday present

Jan 17, 2010, 7:57 PM 0

hey guys my birthday is coming up in a few months this is what i really want a chinchilla there so cute ! i've never had a real pet i've only had a fish that died then i had a science frog i't didn't last long , anyway  i want  it because  i want something to cuddle and you know play with if i get lonely i've only had  fake ones like those fake hamsters there stupid to me, but thats the closest i've ever had, but those wheels got stuck in my hair and we had to cut it!! luckly my aunt was int town and shes a hair stylist so she styled it! anyway hope and pray that i get one , and i have to work really hard!! like i have to clean my closet and my room and some nots so pretty stuff! like clean toliets! gross! well she you guys later, hey leave a comment to tell me if you know any facts about chinchillas!

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