Jun 25, 2009, 12:03 PM |

hello, all of you, just wanted to say that my bestest friend was over! she is younger than me but on the level of street smart she is shes is way smarter than me her name is Pamela she lives in TN but she was visiting to see me see my mom is really close friends with her mom so we have known each other for a while anyway my mom bought junk food because she thought she was coming over tonight  because her mom was going out of town with some of her friends so we were going to have a sleepover tonight so we got a bunch of junk food and well are house wasn't so clean my sister had to go to the doctor really early in the morning so we still had breakfast on the table and every thing than she says she is going to have a sleepover that night instead are plan was that we were going to clean the house today but that didn't work so we had her last night and two words to describe her"HAND FULL"!!!!  she is s o energetic and crazy!!! i think she is awesome but she is a nut-ball! well,bye

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