How Feel When Play Chess and Why Like the Game

Jun 20, 2016, 10:18 PM |


Written by:    artzstuf

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When I play chess, I feel engaged. I concentrate on the game and not what is going on in my life. Worries fade and I feel a sense of calm and happiness. I find the game relaxing. It is also enjoyable. I tend to play live on for free with many different players throughout the world. Sometimes we chat a bit in between or after. It is best after as breaks concentration. If we enjoy playing with a person, we ask to be friends. Next each of our names appears on other's friend list. 
We can play them when we see them come on. I enjoy the game also because the more you play, the better you get. You learn from good players how to get king in a few moves if leave an opening. Opening moves are to control the four middle squares. It is best to never give up a piece. Pawns can be sacrificed to get a bigger fish so to speak, though. Once into the game, it is best to protect each of your pieces from being taken. 
The queen is the most powerful piece in the game. however; you need to keep your king covered throughout the game or you will lose. Throughout the game you try to get the king. You also try to get your opponent's major pieces like rook, bishop,etc. These are just a few strategies one can use to play. There are many other strategies and even names for how you play a game. One strategy is to move all your pawns. Many read books and join chess clubs and are great players. They enter tournaments and play very quickly or moves can take days if are a professional chess player. They have been playing for years.
If you enjoy the game of chess, the better you will get at playing it. A certain amount of satisfaction can be gained from that. It also can increase ones self esteem. Another reason I play is it gives me something to do and passes the time. For me, it is like meditation.