Don't be greedy

Jun 25, 2012, 12:02 AM |

Nasir Ali was National Champion and was regular member of Inidian team during seventies. He is now very old but still playing regularly in tournaments. As people grow older they start behaving like children again. In this game he became greedy like young child and snatched a pawn on b7 which is considered a ' poisioned pawn ' as your queen can be either trapped there or has to waste many moves to get out of danger.  Also every children should know that taking out a queen early in a game is not good. We will see how he got in trouble and lost game quicly. 

So one should follow opening rules and should never be greedy.

Most famous game when queen gets trapped after taking poisioned pawn on b -file was played between Boris Spasky and Bobby Fischer during their title match in 1972. Fischer who has scored many wins in Sicilian defence - Poisoned pawn variation playing black pieces when tried to snatch b-pawn against equally strong player lost his queen and game.