Don't Panic

Sep 11, 2012, 12:19 AM |

Most children start to panic as soon as opponent tries to attack his king. If your basic position is sound and you developed your pieces as per basic opening rules then you can always find some defence. In a recent blitz game I handled opening badly so my opponent launched a very dangerous attack. At one stage I begin to think that he might succeed. But I kept cool and tried to find something in limited time available. Finally he over tried for check mate and lost.

It is not that players panic only when opponent attacks their king. There are so many things that can press panic button ! For example when I was young we ( players from north India ) used to panic against south Indian players as they had better chess knowledge. At present most young players start to panic when they see a FIDE rated player in front of them or higher rated one at net but there is no need for that. I am giving a game played on Russian site with my opponent almost 560 points higher rated.

Yes 26....Qxe2 wins game easily but I saw a winning line already so was not in a mood to look for alternatives.Your comments are welcome.