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How much are you improving?

How much are you improving?

Jun 6, 2017, 8:58 PM 1

Hello chess lovers.My name is Arjun,and i am from the Himalayan country Nepal.Today i want to share some random research and study that i did some days ago.                                                                        well it has been 2years ,i started playing chess on chess.com.what i think and feeel is that,as we keep on playing more and more games,we should be aware of our track records and the improvements we have made.we all get frustrated when we can't improve and get stuck on some point.     some days back i decided to look after my games on chess.com that were played back then when i joined chess.com.I was kind of 1150-1200 range.I also decided to look after those opponents with whom i played back then.I checked their profiles and found that 90%of them were around same range(1200-1300) ,And remaining were able to reach 1500 at max.Today im a solid 1800 player,i can give 2000  a good fight.It motivated me that i have something to do with chess,i believe in improvement and in positive thinking.

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