first experience

Mar 21, 2009, 11:42 AM |

               My First Chess Interschool Tournament


It was my first experience playing any interschool tourney,I had'nt been very familiar playing chess until this time.But it was all just a sudden to participate in one of the mega events being held in Karachi Grammar High School.I was a bit nervous but excited as well,as I always wanted to play chess at such high level.I was a big fan of chess but had not yet mastered the game so as to represent my school at such a mega event.

                                  I was in my class giving english paper when suddenly my Sir appeared and made a call ''any one interested in playing chess'',I quickly raised my hand although I knew the call was for participation in interschools chess tournament.The reply was just to establish some repo in class because playing chess is highly respected in our society and as we know it requires some mental excercise as well.As thought,soon after finishing my paper girls began to walk here and there around me finding a chance to talk to me and about chess.One of the prettiest girl of class soon came close to me and asked ''are u a professional'',and to showoff I answered yes.But now i had entered my name into the chess contestants list and my prime target was now to win and establish some name and fame in school,i had talents but i was not well known in school,but this time nature gave me chance to shine, and successfully I dint left this chance empty.

                 I was selected unanimously on account of my good performance in class in studies by my teachers,however it do not have any link with chess but that was just on account of 'favouritism'