Racial question?

Mar 1, 2011, 5:58 PM |

athanasiuspernath: thanks

athanasiuspernath: good night

RayAM: suk it

athanasiuspernath: haha

athanasiuspernath: 4-0

RayAM: at least I'm not mexican

athanasiuspernath: see the board

RayAM: see your midget height dude

RayAM: beaner

athanasiuspernath: poor

RayAM: actually

athanasiuspernath: poor of you

athanasiuspernath: may be im not tall

RayAM: mexicans are proven to have lower IQ's than other races

RayAM: along with africans

athanasiuspernath: yes

RayAM: White is the dominant race

athanasiuspernath: but are exceptions

RayAM: nope

RayAM: sorry

athanasiuspernath: look at the board

athanasiuspernath: 4-0

athanasiuspernath: and humiliated

RayAM: nice

RayAM: but

athanasiuspernath: so

RayAM: when the chess games are over, I'm not a beaner

RayAM: :)

RayAM: You're poisoned

athanasiuspernath: haha

RayAM: get new blood

RayAM has left the chat.

athanasiuspernath: 4-0

This kind of insults  are increasingly frequent in live chess. But this time I have wanted to do public this interesting conversation, for several reasons: first to exhibit the intellectual lacks of some guys as this one, and to demonstrate as there is enough a simple prejudice (racial in this case) to rub the idiocy.

Also I publicize it because I want to share my amazement and my happiness: It is the first time that I am not banned for the impartial administrators of live chess, after answering to an offense!!

I have received insults and curiously the system or the administrators prohibit me to answer, while some nice comrades dedicate me praises of all kinds that I read with curiosity. My question is, if I cannot answer to an insult is because to eyes of the administrators I am a beaner, (mexican), and I do not have right to answer or to see how are banned the white men (with 150 or more of IQ) who please of insulting? Is a racial question?