Racial question?

athanasiuspernath: thanks

athanasiuspernath: good night

RayAM: suk it

athanasiuspernath: haha

athanasiuspernath: 4-0

RayAM: at least I'm not mexican

athanasiuspernath: see the board

RayAM: see your midget height dude

RayAM: beaner

athanasiuspernath: poor

RayAM: actually

athanasiuspernath: poor of you

athanasiuspernath: may be im not tall

RayAM: mexicans are proven to have lower IQ's than other races

RayAM: along with africans

athanasiuspernath: yes

RayAM: White is the dominant race

athanasiuspernath: but are exceptions

RayAM: nope

RayAM: sorry

athanasiuspernath: look at the board

athanasiuspernath: 4-0

athanasiuspernath: and humiliated

RayAM: nice

RayAM: but

athanasiuspernath: so

RayAM: when the chess games are over, I'm not a beaner

RayAM: :)

RayAM: You're poisoned

athanasiuspernath: haha

RayAM: get new blood

RayAM has left the chat.

athanasiuspernath: 4-0

This kind of insults  are increasingly frequent in live chess. But this time I have wanted to do public this interesting conversation, for several reasons: first to exhibit the intellectual lacks of some guys as this one, and to demonstrate as there is enough a simple prejudice (racial in this case) to rub the idiocy.

Also I publicize it because I want to share my amazement and my happiness: It is the first time that I am not banned for the impartial administrators of live chess, after answering to an offense!!

I have received insults and curiously the system or the administrators prohibit me to answer, while some nice comrades dedicate me praises of all kinds that I read with curiosity. My question is, if I cannot answer to an insult is because to eyes of the administrators I am a beaner, (mexican), and I do not have right to answer or to see how are banned the white men (with 150 or more of IQ) who please of insulting? Is a racial question?


  • 6 years ago


    lol Athanasiuspernath, what a gem Laughing, look this one from a diamond member

    at least is sincere

    NEW GAME (125035659) - Peaodobrado vs.WeakGame (3 0 rated)

    Peaodobrado: you offer a rematch when you win?

    WeakGame: no

    Peaodobrado: you are not a gentleman

    GAME ABORTED - Peaodobrado vs. WeakGame

    WeakGame: i know

    WeakGame has left the chat.




  • 6 years ago


    another gem

    GAME OVER - athanasiuspernath vs. varun_bits - varun_bits won on time (-10). Your new bullet rating is 1479.

    GAME ANALYSIS - Analyze this game - with your opponent | alone

    varun_bits: hahahaha

    varun_bits: idiodt

    varun_bits: idiot

    varun_bits: super idiot

    varun_bits: U R SO FKED UP

    varun_bits: wat an IDIOT

    varun_bits: GO PLAY 5 MINS GAME

    varun_bits: U R NOT FAST

    varun_bits: HAHAHAHAHA

    varun_bits: IDIOT

    athanasiuspernath: i was on phone

    athanasiuspernath: lets play now

    varun_bits: yea and i was screwing ur mommy

    varun_bits: muhahahahaha

    athanasiuspernath: dont run baby

    varun_bits: i was busy too

    varun_bits: i just fked u loser

    varun_bits: wat a loser

    varun_bits: LOSER

    varun_bits: A BIG TIME LOSER

    varun_bits: SLOW SNAIL LOSER

    varun_bits: HAHAHAHAHAHA

    varun_bits: OMG HAHAHAHAHAHA

    athanasiuspernath: yes, i see you know a lot of chess

    varun_bits: yes i do

    varun_bits: not like u

    varun_bits has left the chat.

    athanasiuspernath: is check mate in one

  • 6 years ago


    NEW GAME (119006047) - Suzyownsu vs.Peaodobrado (3 0 rated)

    GAME OVER - Suzyownsu vs. Peaodobrado - Suzyownsu won by checkmate (-8). Your new blitz rating is 1548.

    Suzyownsu: hehe

    Peaodobrado: gg

    Suzyownsu: too funny

    Peaodobrado: yes well done

    Suzyownsu: longer time

    Suzyownsu: i dont like 3 mins

    Suzyownsu: too easy

    Peaodobrado: and what about 1 min?

    Suzyownsu: against amature players

    Suzyownsu: 5 min

    Suzyownsu: your not good enough to play rushed

    Suzyownsu: blitz

    Peaodobrado: oh i see you want cheap conversation...

    Suzyownsu: trust me

    Suzyownsu: 5 mins

    Suzyownsu: is good

    Suzyownsu: for u

    Suzyownsu: u need time

    Suzyownsu: u play weak for speed

    Suzyownsu: i can tell

    Suzyownsu: u want to lose for 5 min

    Suzyownsu: ok

    Peaodobrado: eh eh eh byebye...

    Suzyownsu: at least u have time

    Suzyownsu: lol

    NEW GAME (119007482) - Peaodobrado vs.Suzyownsu (3 0 rated)

    GAME OVER - Peaodobrado vs. Suzyownsu - Suzyownsu won by checkmate (-8). Your new blitz rating is 1540.

    GAME ANALYSIS - Analyze this game - with your opponent | alone

    Suzyownsu: see

    Suzyownsu: i made my point

    Suzyownsu: u suck

    Peaodobrado: gg

    Suzyownsu: u play like a dog

    Suzyownsu: for a rush game

    Suzyownsu: u are an idiot

    Suzyownsu: if u like rushed games

    Suzyownsu: ur not good enough

    Suzyownsu: learn to play first

    Peaodobrado: eh eh

    Suzyownsu: then play fast

    Suzyownsu: u have no clue how to play

    Peaodobrado: play some more?

    Suzyownsu: and i proved it

    Suzyownsu: for rush u play like a little dog

    Suzyownsu: what did i tell u ?

    Suzyownsu: what an idiot

    Suzyownsu: you are humiliating yerself

    Suzyownsu: to play me

    Suzyownsu: play for 5 min

    Suzyownsu: try to learn

    Suzyownsu: dont depend on mistakes

    Suzyownsu: in a rushed game

    Suzyownsu: such a loser

    Suzyownsu: see u

    Suzyownsu has left the chat.

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    no it is not a racial question and it is not a IQ question, it is a gentleman behavior question and chesscom live is full of no gentleman people including high-rated players

  • 6 years ago


    This kills me!! I teach chess in the public school system as well as developing a program for jailed youth in San Francisco and one of the things I teach is good sportsmanship. It is amazing that someone would utter such awful things. Anyone with with an IQ bigger than their shoe size would know that there is absolutely no correlation between intelligence and race. I am glad to hear that this individual has been banned from the site. What makes chess.com wonderful is the simple fact that as a global community we can all get to know each other and learn a little about other countries, etc. I am truly sorry you had such an experience and hope you realize that, as the old Jackson Five song says, "one bad apple don't spoil the whole bunch.

  • 6 years ago


    As of today, RayAM has been banned from the site.

    So there is justice after all...

  • 6 years ago


    Thanks Tim :))

    Gabriel, Hector, agradezco su apoyo, la verdad es que no me afecta lo que digan de mi. Llevo 3 años jugando aquí y he tenido la fortuna de conocer gente estupenda, tanto paisanos como gente del extranjero, de quienes aprendo y con quienes aunque sea virtualmente tengo continuo contacto. Gente muy valiosa. Y curiosamente a ellos los he encontrado en el chat de live chess, es por eso que no lo apago. La conversación no está editada, el chico me pidió revancha despues de perder 4 juegos, me limité a decirle ya no, gracias buenas noches, porque me aburre jugar contra chicos como él, tampoco soy abusivo. Por decir gracias buenas noches, ya vieron lo que me gané. Mi punto es, luego de jugar aquí 3 años, me han baneado del chat infinidad de veces por responder a insultos como estos con un simple haha, he sido baneado por una risa, mientras ellos tienen vía libre para insultar. NO se si los administradores o el staff tengan la orden de banear al primer motivo a los mexicanos o mal llamados "latinos", o si es que he tenido mala suerte. No sé si se trate también de privilegios de nacionalidad o de cuenta premium (yo no la tengo, soy un simple usuario que juega por distracción y terapia)

    Mi molestia no es con el chico que me insultó."También las piedras quieren ser piedras para siempre, y durante siglos lo son, hasta que se deshacen en polvo". Una cita de Borges que demuestra lo que este chico es. Mi desacuerdo es con las políticas que creo manejan tanto el staff de chess.com como los administradores. No se si sea una cuestión racial o de privilegio hacia los usuarios de cuentas pagadas, etc.

    El ajedrez debe fomentar otra clase de valores, no esta porquería racial.

    Un saludo

  • 6 years ago


    I used to get idiots saying abusive things to me in live chess, then I would say something back. But now I turn the off chat.

  • 6 years ago


    I have reported RayAM for being an abusive racist and bigot

  • 6 years ago


    I suggest we all block this bigot!

  • 6 years ago


    Athanasiuspernath - You've always been a great ambassador for both chess and this website.  Unfortunately, you will run into some idiots now and again.  I suggest you simply ignore them and move on. - Tim H.

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