Checkmate with bishop and knight

Dec 7, 2013, 1:54 AM |

Hi friends, few days before i read an article on checkmate with bishop and knight against a king. Few weeks ago, there was a match in which a woman grandmaster can't defeat her opponent with bishop and knight and the result was stalemate. I  thought this is so much embarrassing for a player who has so much high rated. 

      so friends i am glad to share some tips for this winning combination with u. Here are some 3 basic steps ,let's discuss each in detail.

      1. Pressurize your opponent's king to move to the corner of the board. This is essential part of our mating combination and it is quite easy too. 

   2. make sure that your opponent's king must go on to the good corner square . so friends what is this good corner square ? good corner square is the square of same colour of your bishop. if u have dark coloured square bishop then you must pressurize your opponent's king to move on to the dark coloured corner square and vice versa . This is the most difficult part of our job. 


     3. place your king to a square from which he can support the knight and also control one of the escape square of opponent's king .

       so friends must try this winning combination, may be you will fall for this in future. bye