how to deal against d4 opening? Part -1

Dec 17, 2013, 4:48 AM |

Hi friends, few days back i wrote my first blog on queen's gambit accepted lines and also mentioned a trap within it. Since it was my first blog i don't expect that much from it but i am very glad to know that it got 135+ views. It encourage me to write something about d4 opening. I want to mention 5 types of gambits against d4 opening . In part - 1 i will discuss about Budapest gambit and Albin Counter gambit and in second part i will discuss about Blumenfield Gambit,Von Hennig Schara Gambit and  Benko Gambit. So friends whenever your opponent start with d4 you can use these gambits.

  1. Budapest Gambit

   2. Albin Counter Gambit


so friends in my next blog i will discuss about remaining three gambits against d4. Hoping that  this will help you in your game. Please feel free to comment this will encourage me to do lots more in this direction. Bye