" Chess Tales"

" Chess Tales"

Sep 23, 2011, 5:42 AM |


"What's the game of chess soul?" 

        Exists this?

        Sure, i believe http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k1odvp-_bhk

       You see, as if we were  Professor Calculus (The Adventures of Tintim), we will have perfect motions of pieces, but chess soul is another thing whose definition  never ends ....           

                            Once upon a time some boy when looking at chessboard  there had received and thinking away about who made that and why ....

     Wondering that was a form to passing time and staying in that way slept hugging it ....                 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=STKkWj2WpWM

         At daybreak he woke up and chess board had falling on the floor and occurred some idea: chess board is a matter of  space .      

            Travelling at his mind now another thought: learning to know how using that space chessboard .

             "What a pretty road", did think. And left the board at his desk affectionately.

                            So he walked out by neighborhood and  each step could remember him the spaces across the board and did think: "Oh! Chess board it's a really way to walk!" 

                       But he didn't know very well how he could taking a walk at board.


                    So reminded while caming back home there was a bag that he didn't open because he was so tired at  night and in the morning he has forgotten under the bed.  He hurries to his room and picks it up and opens. But he didn't understand what it meant .... 

                    He tought now each piece signified something ....And he gave way to despondency, not know. But he had second thoughts: may be that was like feet to the floor to walk. And was delighted .... Walks where no one would walk! He had thought.

                    Were groups of pieces divided an equally form and he liked they had be the same shape. He did think again: "Don't matter to me what color to wear the important thing is wear one and walking with them". In  the future he will know firts steps will be do from one side only, and that will despondency, because he believes that anyone could find other ways to begin  a walk. But at the time, went into a kind of castle with Kings, Queens, Bishops, Knights and pawns was so happy now and couldn't wait that long to walking with them.

                   Placing  pieces in board, like an internet example ,  he did think: "Here we have two octopus and two spider each side". And he reminded that movie of Spider Man II, but with two Spiderman and two Doc  Octopus. A double Spider Man II, did think.

                   Moving back to board knew that had letters and numbers into they edge and he was happy with these cross-breeds names.  Because he might trying to take his bearings.

                      Needed to walk, but where to? "In any way", wondered."Knights could jumping !" Imagined.  Future demonstrated he was correct. Knights jumping two squares to moving if needed be, but  can surfs for them when they are empty too. It all was good to him. 


                            The idea that surfing across the board seem good and he still plays even to this day. But, his chess journey in those days was just starting.





"On the No One Palace"  

             In the small hours his shapely fingers put away piece by piece at the set of chess again, while the air creep in his nostrils slight and deeply. How interesting, may be fascinating those pieces awaiting for a correct place to have it was to him. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oLclkP9x_68

                      And then suddenly an idea came into his mind about the  force of the nature like the sun ray's warming up in earth or winds that move treadmills.  But that idea was indeed a question : "What is the force of chess pieces?" And to this  he didn't know the reply. "Would i know some day? " Having asked all time. And so these shadows of his too far fantasies wandered in the mists of his remote reality which he wanted to repair in a very special way to walk. And the game of chess always remade to him that fantasy of living. 

                    However he would look for the chessboard across the table into his room and those united squares, was like rooms of a palace that he called "The No One Palace" because could be wrested by both parts that playing. And were the palace that had been built by an overlapping files and ranks to form each square that illuminated the walks of his sombre thoughts and in which edges were those references by numbers and letters that he wanted to know, appreciate and memorize it. About it even he learned by somebody one day that it letters before the files and numbers beside the ranks it called by a  funny phrase known as  "algebraic notation".  He knew nothing about that, he just wanted to know how it was that little called houses on the checkered floor of the chess set could move his mind to a very special place. And the time would speak to him that reply over everything it could be in anywhere.





"The chess magic is everywhere" 

                 Yes, his thought turned for day and night thinking about things  and his heart went far from where he was. For sun-bright days and starry sky nights a chess walk longer and longer suited him. There was at a chess game endless secrets to be revealed for him: from the motive to play till the better moves of the chess pieces. "Matters of matters, one day will i respond it?" Asked. 

              At that  afternoon the rain fell hard and the plants revealed their greatest beauty as well as the wing of his hope took him to a liberty of thinking. Through of his bedroom window could see anthurium, aloe vera, calla lilies, bromeliads, amid, ferns ... Like the beauty of things could be transported to chess board what he saw out of the window that afternoon was what that he would suddenly appear at his chess game. Was this things possible to realize? "Oh! Everything is  possible!" He had thought. 

            It was when in a special day he was taken by a school excursion to  Chess Club of the City and then there he found many people as him loved the wonderful game of chess. All there in club were testing their knowledge with the chess pieces moves. There was in the Club air, the idea that in a moment a brilliant master would emerge at place. Beautiful wood chess tables with their beautiful wood chess pieces and  digital chess watches that fell over them, padded chairs, bookshelves full of chessbooks, some already old and others new, famous chess players posters at the wall and trophies in another lectern formed the décor. People were restrained in their use of clothes. 

           Our boy had been invited to go on in tournament of faster chess in that place and agreed. Each player in those tournament had ten minutes to play and it would be five matches. The height between the chair and the table was to big for him even then sat down and stretched his spine furthest that he could. Across the table was a pretty girl, older than he a few years for the first game. He looked at her eyes behind the thick lenses from her spectacles and a mixture by respect and wonder touched him. He will play with the black pieces and after the handshake he should touch on a kind of teeter-totter at the chess watch to start playing. He did and, unfortunately, missed all games in that afternoon, but he learned something over it: chess magic is everywhere.







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