First Post and the Japanese Park for Kids

First Post and the Japanese Park for Kids

Jun 28, 2010, 8:00 AM |

Well, I'm writing my first blog post on
I'm not a good chess player so I don't(can't) write chess articles,
but I'm going to write about my life in Japan.

Fortunately or unfortunately there are few Japanese people on this site,
and I like taking photos, so I thought it's maybe nice to write something
with photographs which show some Japanese style or something.

Ah,,, and the title of this blog "Tokyo Variation" is meaningless or just funny thing.
French Defense or London System or English Opening is very famous,
then I thought "Where is Japanese Attack or Tokyo Defence???"
So I named this blog so. Very meaningless, please don't get serious.

Then, the first photo is the park near my house.
Of course I often played with my friends there when I was a elementary school boy.
Very peaceful sight :)