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Oct 10, 2010, 4:32 AM |

A while ago, I went to Akihabara, which is the biggest town of Japanese animation or video games, to buy a new camera bag.

This town has rather strange atmosphere so I thought probably it's worth to show you with pictures!

Akihabara Station


Walls of Buildings


Some Electric Parts


They're waiting until the signal become green


Coin Lockers, 200 yen (about 2.4 US dollars)




Game Shop...


I'm a little curious what you're thinking, looking these pictures.
Crazy? Interesting?
What do you say if your kids tell you that they want to go there? lol

Anyway, if you have a chance, please drop at this town.
Anime girls, overflowing people and noisy advertisement will wecome you!Tongue out


...and this is my (cheap) chess set, which I use everyday.
I'm thinking to buy another one made of wood :)


Thank you for reading!