Japanese Festival Photos

Japanese Festival Photos

Aug 5, 2010, 10:55 AM |

Well it's August and it is the main season of festivals!
A while ago, when I was jogging around my house, I found that
a festival was taking place in a park, so I rushed home and took out my buddy, Nikon D90, and then returned the park :P

I guess everybody likes festivals, so I hope you'll enjoy the photos :)


These colorful lights are called "Chochin" in Japanese.
The texts on them are sponsor's names lol.
People usually dance around the stage in the center.
But now they're having a break.
 Actually they dance with more people,
but when I got the park, the closing time was coming X)


Um, how did you feel it ?
I'll go to fireworks festival next weekend so I want to upload the photos of it,
unless I get a cold X)

Thanks for reading !