Memo: Fort Knox

Aug 5, 2010, 2:03 AM |

Note: this post is just my memo about chess.
I'm not a sophisticated player, so it may contain some uncorrect contents.
This is nothing more than my memo. Thank you.
When you find some uncorrect one, I'd be glad if you tell me ;)

About French Defence Fort Knox Variation.
Typical development is like this.


Memo 1;
Well, from this postion, White tends to play 2 things; takes my Knight or retreat his Knight.
Here I focus Nxf6+.
I have 2 ways to recapture it; Nxf6 or Qxf6 and

when White has castled, I should Qxf6,
otherwise, I should Nxf6.

White's Ne5 is strong move and when I played Nxf6, I have no way to challenge it.
So mainly Qxf6 is mandatory. But when White is not castled, Nxf6 is better
because White can't play Ne5 due to Bxg2.
Memo 2;
Shoud I develop my Bishop on f8 to e7? or d6?

If careless, Bd6 can be irritating like this.
When my Knight is still on f6 (White's Knight retreated to g3), Be7 is safer,
but when the horse is already vanished, then Bd6 is more powerful.

That's all this time.