Trip to Osaka, West Japan

Jul 6, 2010, 5:20 AM |

Well, from next April I'll begin working for a company as a freshman,
and prospective employees of the company(including me) gathered Osaka, the largest city of West Japan.
(I live in near Tokyo, East Japan)

Ah, then the party was totally fun, everyone was nice.
and after that, I walked around for sightseeing :)


The first pic is Osaka, the symbol city of West Japan :D

Generally Osaka is better at food than Tokyo, at least for me.
These are Kushi-katsu, one of the most famous food of Osaka.


Kushi-katsu is fried-food, we fry various food and eat with special sauce.
In above picture, from left, they are, quail eggs, shrimp, scallop, pork.

and below is Dote-ni (and beer).
It's difficult to describe what Dote-ni is, with my poor English.

Um,, food food food, haha.
Well, the next day I went to Nara, which is famous for the old temples or shrines.
Many people from overseas visit there.

Deers are walking in the temples in Nara, I guess such a kind of place in Japan is only Nara. 
(At least I've never seen animals in temples before)
This day many junior high school students were there on school trip. They looks definitely fun :D

In this temple, the biggest Buddha statue of Nara is sitting... 

Anyway, I've got really tired !
(as soon as I returned home, I encountered a cockroach and executed it with pesticide spray!!! I did it yes!)