Tips to Awesomeness (When you first start)

Jan 31, 2015, 6:12 AM |

    So Im gonna do these tips for people like you, those people who like to play chess. Tell me if you like these tips.

      I thought chess was a simple game with a little complicated rules, BOY WAS I WRONG, chess turned out to be one of the most complicated games ever! It uses tactics and methods and you have to predict and pretty much know what your opponent's next move is. Because of this you always have to make smart moves.

     When you play chess you constantly have to plan ahead and make moves that will force your opponent to do what you want. This will ensure you a victory, but if you become oblivious to your opponent's planning and his moves then you'll surely get a checkmate. To avoid this, plan but also see what your opponent's doing.

     Sometimes when you move a piece you it dies instantly. To avoid this LOOK EVERYWHERE, this will help you when you make your move. If you see anything that might kill it then dont move it there. When your opponent moves their piece see if there is any safe way to kill it. If it was covering a piece (like a bishop covering a rook) then try to find a way to kill that.

     One last tip, always try to make really good moves with only one move. Make sure that you move your piece in such a way that your opponent's bishop (using bishop as an example) is forced to die and you only had to make one move. Don't spend three moves trying to kill the bishop just keep going with your game. When the time comes set it up so that it dies no matter what. *This varies depending on the level of the opponent you're facing. If you're facing a lower opponent then you could do two moves but if you're facing someone good then you should use the tip.

     Well that's all for today tell me what you think and if you like it then I'll do one every week.