Best groups to join for your chess improvement

Best groups to join for your chess improvement

NM Coach-Bill
Feb 28, 2015, 5:23 AM |

No matter how much you study chess, you wil not reach your goals of improvement unless you get out and play. The following groups fill this need, and two of them provide proven and free coaching resources from myself and NM Dan Heisman, one of America's top chess teachers and a noted author as well! I launched my free video lessons course on youTube nearly three years ago teaching you how to maximize your time by studying what you need to know most and how to duplicate my methods for your own rapid gains. I have countless testimonies from players who  immediately noted improvements in their game by following my suggestions. My full video playlist on YouTube has a wide variety of playlist topics which teach you to think as I do. All you have to do is watch and enjoy!


The group sizes are large, and for a reason! Quality Chess for you!

  • !♔NM Aww-Rats Free Video Lessons!♔

  • 9,800 + members. Come join the VERY BEST coaching group on the World Wide Web!. Led by the top selling coach on for last 2+ years! Simple to follow video lessons program to improve your chess play! Countless players are getting stronger ... | Read More 



  • Members: 9851
  • Formed: Apr 2012

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Next, if you want improve, you need to play long time control chess games. You can drive to a chess club and pay an entry, or you can play at home for free! My World Standard time control group helps you find an opponent at a time convenient to you

  • Members: 3971
  • Formed: May 2013

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There are two other groups which offer slow chess tournaments. you just enter and when aired, arrange a time to play with your opponent. The first is the Dan Heisman Learning Center. Not only do you get the chance for long games, you may benefit from Dan's excellent coaching tips. He's been one of the top coaches in America for many years!

  • Dan Heisman Learning Center

  • Welcome to the premier location for SLOW CHESS on - real tournaments - played on the Live Chess Server at time controls such as G/45+45 and G/90+30 - 45 or 90 minutes for the game plus a 45 or 30 second Increment per move. *** If you enj... | Read More
  • Members: 7740
  • Formed: Jul 2012

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Another group which runs tournaments:

  • Slow LIVE Chess Association

  • The Slow Live Chess Association is a group entirely devoted to slow LIVE chess. We are currently running several 45|45 & 90|30 slow LIVE tournaments with one game to be played per week per event. Plus, we are at the root of a chess revolutio... | Read More


  • Members: 2456
  • Formed: Oct 2013

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