How to play the opening for all rating levels, Part 1

How to play the opening for all rating levels, Part 1

NM Coach-Bill
Sep 1, 2013, 6:47 AM |

You will be excited about this new blog series, because I am going to teach you what the ideas and strategies are in every chess opening! Just give me time to get to them! (I am teaching chess 70 hours per week to over 100 people).


As my video lessons course teaches, it's wise to maximize your study time and not spend countless hours on material you will rarely use! I'll show you what the basics are in these openings, then provide you with the opportunities here at go out and play them!


I will be starting thematic online tournaments for these openings and when one fills, another starts! AS noted, more opening videos and thematic tournaments will follow!

Ok, a few links:

My video lessons group is the best coaching group on Aside from all the free videos the group offers: tips and suggestions, frequent simuls by titled players, team matches, free analysis of your games by both members and a great coaching staff. To join, click here:

If you wish a long standard time control game on demand at real tournament time conditions, like 90 30, join this group and be in touch with over 1300 other like minded souls:


This first opening I cover, The Hungarian Defense, has a a thematic online event taking entries now! You must be a member of my video lessons group. To enter, click here and please read the simple rules:


Now, for a quick 20 minute video on the Hungarian Defense, 1.e4 e5, 2. Nf3 Nc6, 3. Bc4 Be7.


Direct link:

Photo was taken during first sample game of the video.