How to play the opening for all rating levels, Part 2

How to play the opening for all rating levels, Part 2

NM Coach-Bill
Sep 3, 2013, 12:04 PM |

Thanks for the overwhelmingly positive response to part 1 of this series. I got part 2 together quickly. Part 3 is under construction.


Today we are going to cover the Alekhine's defense, 1. e4 Nf6 mostly from White's perspective, but Black's ideas will be covered as well. Rather than delve deeply into all the main lines and making this a 5 hour video, I show ways White can cross Black up and get him out of his main preparations, and quite often into another opening altogether!


I have started an online thematic event for the Alekhine's Defense:


You must be a member of my video lessons group to enter.

Plenty of activities there, including free simuls by titled players. NM Roofless gives one Wednesday at 12 PM PST, and will be giving another soon after!


Also, if you would like long standard time control games to practice your chess for the real world, my other group pts you in touch with 1400 (and growing) members looking for spontaneous games. No need to negotiate a time and date to play, you just show up, post a seek in Live Chess, and if not filled, advertise on our group wall! Someone will be along soon to play you.


Now, for the 35 minute video that will teach you what to do:


Direct link:

Photo was taken May 26, 2013 at key point of game