Video blog: Free simuls by NM part 5

Video blog: Free simuls by NM part 5

NM Coach-Bill
May 3, 2014, 8:35 PM |

Would you like to play a long game, 90 30, against a titled player, and see a video where I explain exactly what I was thinking about when I selected my moves? Well, you can, and it's all free. Long games are a great way to improve your play and you will learn a lot playing me and seeing what I have to say!

My free video lessons group is the 3rd largest on and we're just over 2 years old! Between The Dan Heisman Learning Center and my group, we bring you the two best coaching groups on, and we work together to help promote the Royal Game of Chess.


To register for my simuls, you first need to be a member of my group, join here:


Then make a post in this forum topic (And read the sign-up instructions!):

Today, May 3, I played 11 games, scoring 6 wins, 3 losses and 2 draws. A few games started a bt late and for some reason while giving the simul, I wasn't getting redirected to these games and got in bad time pressure in each, losing one on time. Part of the problem is my opponents were moving way too fast. You can beat me this ay, but what's the point? you want to play a long 3 to 5 hour game with me, it's good practice for the real world! Hopefully, changes things soon so you are directed to the game you have the least amount of time in. ICC already has this feature in their simuls.


Direct link to video of today's simul:


Next simul will be Monday May 5, at 7 PM Pacific time.