Chess Game Diary

Mar 6, 2012, 11:54 AM |

Welcome to my diary of games, feel free to look around, and I invite any comments or critiques, just please keep in mind that I plan on using this blog to keep track of games I have played that are memorable to ME... they may not be so memorable to youWink

So I ended my decade long chess hibernation back in August of '11 and let me just say that not having played since I was 11 allowed for plenty of cobwebs to gather. I had to re-learn the game: control the center, move pieces once in the opening, seek initiative...ect. But now funnily enough about 7 months later I find myself greatly enjoying going back over those games. They are frought with errors but I am witnessing the evolution of my play, and that is a very valuable thing. 

By no means do I wish to exclude anyone, so if on the off chance you are interested in a move I make or whatever and feel like commenting dont let the "diary" theme prevent you.

Thanks you guys are awesome


Ill start my entries off with a good game but a loss, the biggest thing I have taken away from this game is the importance of endgame knowlege and skill.