Slaying The Dragon (the opening)

Aug 7, 2008, 8:54 AM |

                                           B.Fisher  vs  Larsen

                                            PORTOROZ 1958

                                   Sicilian Defense : Dragon,6.Be3...

                                          "Slaying The Dragon"

Although the Sicilian,as a hole,is still the best fighting defense at black´s disposal ,much of the steam has been taken out of the time-honored Dragon variation.This is one of the key games which helped to batter is reputation. In a laudable attempt to create complications,Larsen deviates from the book on move 15.That proves to be desastrous,since  his counterattack never gets started.Mechanically,routinely,Fischer pries open the KR-file,sacrificing first a pawn and then the exchange.There is an aura of the inevitable about the outcome.Here the notes about how to mount an assault against the fianchettoed  King.

    THE Opening (10 moves)