Marathon Struggle Spoiled in One Move!

Marathon Struggle Spoiled in One Move!

Jun 16, 2014, 9:32 PM |

Vigilance is a key skill or mindset that all chess players must practice to be successful in the long run. It is a habit that can be developed, I believe, but unfortunately, it has to be practiced constantly to maintain it.

The following game told a few stories:

  1. A middlegame where several decisions regarding exchanges gave me some interesting threats on the kingside and center.
  2. The piece activity and initiative gained by the changes in pawn structure from above exchanges helped me gain a material advantage tactically.
  3. A transition from middlegame to endgame, where my opponent creates a set up that is hard to crack.
  4. Having failed to find a win, we simplify into a drawn ending.

A script of many amateur games no doubt - peppered with both hope for the future and marred by the inadequacies of the present. However, instead of ending there, there is a cruel surprise twist as I let my guard down for a single move and fall into a simple tactic after which I must resign.

Here is the game, with some light notes of my thoughts and post-mortem analysis. Some of the variations I double checked with the engine, and some I didn't and of course any comments and feedback are welcome!