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Help Me with a Chess Experiment

Help Me with a Chess Experiment

Jun 14, 2014, 2:32 AM 0

Hello Chess Friends,

I'm conducting a personal chess experiment, and I'd love for other chess players to help. Basically, I'm experimenting with myself on increasing my time on task during my games. This is the time that I actually spend thinking about the game compared with the total time of the game.

I am going to collect the data including the percentage of time on task as well as my rating performance during this time. For a more detailed description of what I am going to do, check out my site which has a more detailed article about the concept as well: http://www.betterchesstraining.com/2014/06/chess-time-on-task.html

Of course, I think increasing time on task will help improve my chess, but I wanted to test this hypothesis and see if it actually did over time. Perhaps it can help you as well!

Best regards,

Bryan aka backrankbrawler

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