Improve Your Chess with GM Mesgen Amanov

May 27, 2016, 8:06 PM |


Things have been busy and I have not had much time to analyze some games to share with you. However I have been writing for my site Better Chess Training and I wanted to share my most recent article, which was an interview with GM Mesgen Amanov.

This is the first grandmaster I had a chance to interview, and I wanted to make it very special, as did GM Amanov. I spent a lot of time preparing the article and my interviewee also shared a lot, including an annotated game that gives much insight into his preparation for an opponent.

Some takeaways from the interview:

  • Balance your training and study on all areas of the game (don't focus only on one area)
  • Consistency is important to maintain your strength
  • Having a positive attitude is important - particularly for tournament chess
  • Physical endurance is important for chess performance during long tournaments

I hope you enjoy it: Improve Your Chess with GM Mesgen Amanov