A Slow Return

Jul 7, 2012, 7:45 AM |

During my hiatus, Steve Dillard has expanded his weekly G/30 tournaments from not only the "Monday Meijer's", but also "Thursday Magic" played in a southern Louisville gameshop that specializes in Magic: The Gathering. While Magic and Yu-Gi-Oh players are much louder than chess folk, the venue features plenty of space for us to claim our own corner and they have good tables -- plenty of room for both the board and the players' elbows.

I was the lowest rated player at the event, but certainly not the youngest. Plenty of talented kids regularly come to Steve's events and at my rating level I've come to expect that I'll mostly be playing 12-year-olds -- and often losing.

No wins this time, 0-3, but I felt like I was just outplayed by people rated higher than me and nothing more. I didn't play any better or worse than I have been online the last couple days.

This was probably my best game. I think I probably had winning lines but really should've gotten my rooks moving earlier. In the end we got into time pressure and I didn't have anything solid to go on - so I lost. Here it is:

I stopped notation at this point because I had about 30 seconds left on my clock. I actually screwed up again and did Qxf8 first (should've done Rxh5 first) but even if I did the trades right I'm down that central pawn majority so I think I was lost.

John was a great guy and gave me the pleasure of saying that he really did feel the pressure of that opening -- he hadn't faced a Morra like that before, apparently. That gives me some hope, I suppose.

Even going without a win, I still enjoyed myself and didn't lose to anyone with a lower rating, my standard goal. I'll be coming back to this event again.

Cross-table for the 7/5 event: