A successful return

Oct 26, 2008, 12:11 AM |

Today I played in the Murray State University Open. Returning to my home town for my home tournament, I remembered several fond Saturdays spent huddled over boards trying to hold my own in the Amateur section... and failing.

However, I am no longer a young boy... I'm now an old guy playing chess against the young boys and keeping up just enough to have a lot of fun.

I my goals going into the tournament were to 1) Win 3 of 4 rounds, 2) Not lose to anyone with a lower rating than me, and 3) win the U1000 prize.

I completed all of those goals. I ended up winning the $100 U1000 Prize, and came in 3rd place overall in the Amateur Section (U1400.) I had a record of 3 wins, 1 loss... my only loss being to the kid who ended up in a tie for first.

I'm currently a USCF 890 rating, and I beat an unrated and two 1100-s, and lost to one 1100. I should see a good chunk of points coming my way... and I'll be at my highest rating ever.