Mental Jungle

Aug 16, 2009, 9:40 PM |

Somedays black and white both lose, and Caissa wins.

I'm playing some of the worst chess in the last year right now, because I just can't clear my head. A couple weeks ago I played at Meijer's, and in my 3rd round had a ruthless attack going until I simply gave away a queen...

Haven't played over the board since, and I really don't want to start it up again at Meijer's. It's a tough environment and a faster time control. I was too busy today to head out to Barnes and Noble for the 3rd Sunday tournament, and I think I'll be in Arkansas for the 1st Sunday of September, knocking that opportunity out as well.

I might be attending the Stanton U1600 in Stanton, KY on 9/19 though. And of course, if I can find a game somewhere I'll play it... just not G/30 in a grocery store for rating and fees.

I want to finish Soltis "How to Choose a Chess Move" by end of September. I'm behind on my King's Island Open prep reading.

Maybe the written word will take me out of this slump.