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Aug 17, 2009, 7:01 PM |

Tonight's tournament at Meijers -

a pause. Yes, I went to Meijers tonight. Disregard last night's blog. Leave me be, ye!

- was pretty much an exercise in how no move is adequate when you're on the losing side. I played horribly today, all against players whom I should've beaten. My rating will probably fall about 50 points because of tonight.

My first game was a steady loss. I got lucky that I didn't fall sooner, and ended up in a bad spot for an endgame.

Caroline's younger brother (I presume), Ryan was my opponent in round two he was rated slightly over 1000, but took advantage of my dirty play. Really not worth posting. I lost soundly.

Bryce was a newcomer to tournament chess, having come to Meijer's a couple weeks, but that's it for USCF. He had a provisional rating of 661. He made many mistakes of which I easily took advantage. I'm glad at got at least one win on the night.

Not happy with my play at all. I really need to bump up my live gameplay. I'm thinking about joining ICC in addition to (please don't hate me), simply because there's more people willing to play slow games at any given time. I plan on still playing correspondence here plenty though.

This is my last week working Band Camps during the day. I still have some visual designing duties after this, but that shouldn't interfere with chess study. I plan to kick out some Soltis this weekend.