Out on a School Night (Meijer's 9/21/2009)

Sep 23, 2009, 2:21 PM |

Normally I'd not feel the urge to head out to Meijer's on Monday after playing in a tournament on Saturday, but after a long day at school I really needed my mind to take a break. So once again, it's was 3 hours of chess in a grocery store that did the trick.

My first game was against the current Women's State Champion (winner of the Women's section at the Bluegrass State Games), the young but talented Miss Kathryn Thomas.

And I know it's hard to believe, but after some quick play, and the trading of rooks... black ends up winning after it's white to move in this position:

In the 2nd round, I faced Scott Tarr and once again found myself losing many pawns very quickly... but pulling it out in the end.

Having two games where I pretty much scraped by in the opening didn't leave me feeling all to confident in the final round. Nor did the knowledge that whoever won in my final game would take clear first in the U1600 section. Later I found out that my opponent for Round 3 barely even qualified for the U1600 section. Two weeks ago he was a 1600 even. But Robert was a great guy and we had fun discussing the game afterwards. In the vernacular, "awesome old dude."

Losing the game still left me with 2 wins and a 3-way tie for 2nd place. I got $5, almost my entry fee! So it's a great night in my thoughts. I played 3 higher-rated players and beat 2. Projected rating change 1319 -> 1375, via uschess.org.

Happy playing.