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Mar 30, 2008, 6:15 PM 3

Through the last 160 years, about 15 champions stand on the chess throne in the world, beginning of Paul Morphy at 1849 up to the coeval champion Gary Kasparov, but I think that all the chess actuary subscribed that the most brilliant of them is Alexander Alekhine, he is the greatest.

Alexander the great Alekhine (as he was called) will remain the king and he still the chess myth over the past, present and maybe the future.

Alekhine got the world championship in 1927 and he held as king for 8 years, in 1935 Alekhine loss his throne by M.Euwe, next he regained his rank in 1937 and remained the world champion up he die in 1946.

(Photography refrence is Chess.com)

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