USCF hatred toward online chess especially this site.

Aug 12, 2009, 9:36 AM |

Well let me start off by clarifying I'm talking mainly about players not the organization it self. The funny thing I have noticed when I started OTB tournament chess is that most players look down at online chess.

The first tournament I played in I started boasting that I would win. It was easy to boast about winning in a 1000 and under section when I could beat 1600s on this site.

 The first thing that startled me is the you have to notate while you played which I had done before and had trouble focusing on the board while trying to keep up with moves. The second thing that startled me is that these players rated 800 were playing as good as a 1300. The last thing that suprised me is how much the adults would talk down online chess as a whole.

Well this continued each tournament I went to. I eventually met a few players that use the internet alot and when my coach would email people to join and the alabama group on it we got probably 3 people out of maybe 20-40 people we emailed.

In my opinion I do like better than otb because the board is very small so I can calculate alot farther and faster than I can on the regulation boards.

Please comment and tell me your opinion on this subject.