How to win a tournament.

Aug 21, 2014, 12:29 PM |

Inspired by Snail's blog/thread.

How to win a tournament:

So, you wanna know how it's done, don't you! Well, that's understandable, but it takes a lot of hard work and dedication, both psychologically and physically. I will divide this blog into two parts, the mental preperation and the physical preperation.

Mental Prep

Prepare your openings: Before tournaments, I come up with a response to every move by White, and STICK WITH IT! Ex. "White plays h4. I'm gonna play g5, challenging his control of the kingside." That's all you need. But you need it.

Tactics: Learn how to "accidentally" annoy your opponent. Try Scholar's mate, spill water on him, knock the table down. Etc. Oh, and learn what a checkmate is. OPTIONAL: Learning forks and pins. These sound important, but You can get by without them.

Rating: Tell everyone yours is 2100. That's like a magic number. Your opponents cower in fear when you say your rating is that high.

Physical Prep

Get in shape, you landlubber! Run 2 miles, if it isn't under 9 min, do it again! CUZ I SAID SO BUBBY.



What to do in the tournament:

look at pairing sit where you supposed to push wood repeat that's all so bye.


This came from the last round of a big tournament, see if you can find it. If you know who I am, or where the tournament was, or who my opponent was, keep mum.


White did not play perfectly, but rather, humanly.