My Journey Into Chess Composition

Jun 16, 2014, 7:02 PM |

I will post puzzles here; hopefully they will tell all of you something about my journey into chess composition. I will try to post 3 puzzles a week.

Week One!

I was happy with my efforts this week. I especially like my first and last problems. I will admit to using Fritz to check my solutions, and found that some problems that I posted on the forum ("Attempts at Compostion") were cooked. But yet, I am happy that these were original attempts! I used some ideas from puzzles I have seen in making these. For example, the second one uses Mitrofanov's deflection. Also, please post your original puzzles, and/or twins to mine if you feel like it! I am posting the puzzles in sequence form. If you want to see the puzzles in puzzle form, you can go to my forum. Here, the puzzles are posted in sequence form, so I can show multiple variations.

1. Black to play and draw

2. Black is to play here.

3. This is my favorite puzzle. White is to play.


Post-Nationals Edition/Addition

I'm proud of myself for coming up with that one. XD. Snail had a bad tournament. We apologize and promise that he will get a perfect score in 5 years.

A variation of 1...fxe5 is shown here, but eliminating some cooks.