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Ruy Lopez Exchange Variation

1. Lasker vs. Tarrasch (faulty game in the opening, but demonstrates White's strategy of exchanging all the pieces, and winning the endgame).

2.Yandemirov vs Inarkiev - the mainline

3. Kengis vs. Yuneev - Black keeps the Queens on the board and castles opposite side.

4. Maximov vs Pavlov - How to handle the "correct" bxc6.


Ruy Lope Berlin Defense

1. Steinitz vs Zukertort: Black exchanges knights.

2. Carlsen vs Anand: Black keeps the pieces on the board.

Ruy Lopez - Steinitz defense (Tarrasch Trap).

1. Anand vs. Milos (when Black surrenders the center).

Ruy Lopez Sidelines.

1. Shirov vs Becx, Schliemann Gambit - Black makes the wrong Queen move.

2. Karjakin vs. Radjabov - Schliemann Gambit - Black makes the correct Queen move (mainline)

3. Fischer vs. Herceg Novi - Schliemann Gambit  - Black makes the correct Queen move but gets greedy later.

4. John Nunn vs Nigel Davies - early ...g6 - White disrupts black's developement, and Black plays ...f6.

5. Guliyev vs Fedorchuk - early ..g6 - White disrupts black's development, and Black exchanges ...Be7. Leads to an instructive knight endgame.

6. Kasparov vs Khalifman - "Bird's Defense (3...Nd4) - the novelty 10.c4!

7. Vachier Lagrave vs. Howell, David - Bird's Defense - the Black King goes for a walk successfully! White sacrifices Bishop for two pawns to win.

8. Pilgaard vs Czebe - 3...Nge7 - White sets up a nice mating trap on the h-file.

9. Peter Svidler vs Levon Aronian - 3...Nge7 - a tactically explosive game.

10. Veselin Topalov vs. Francisco Vallejo Pons - 3...Bc5 - Topalov succumbs to the temptation to sacrifice a piece for two pawns for attack against the Black king. And wins through a lot of double checks.


French Defense: Delayed Exchange Variation

1. Bent Larsen vs. Lajos Portisch  - 1964 (Opposite side castling with h4-h5,g4, and the diabolical trap of a3).

2. Tim Taylor vs. Tatev Abrahamyan - 2011 (Both castle on the Queenside)

3. Tim Taylor vs. Amateur - Early queen exchange.


Caro Kann

1. Fischer vs. Petrosian - the resurrection of an old line that was rendered dubious by Maroczy-Capablanca.

2. Joel Benjamin vs. Larry Christiansen - the QGD with colors reversed?

3. Terzic vs Moehring - Schlecter Slav?


1. Tim Taylor vs Craig Allen - Black lets white get the bishop pair early.

2. Kaidanov vs. Dzindzihashvilli - White accepts doubled pawns AND an IQP, and still wins!

3. Nakamura vs. Tiviakov - early exchange of Bishop vs. knight, and the queen exchange.


1. Korchnoi vs. Guimard -White fianchettoes his King's Bishop and gives Black an IQP.

2. Socko vs Felgaer - No wasteful moves by White.

3. Alekhine vs Hoelsder - Black captures the pawn on d4, White recaptures with queen, transposing into Ruy Lopez Steinitz defense (opposite side castling).

4. Chanda Sandipan vs. Faibisiovich - another game where transposition into Ruy Lopez Steinitz variation occurs. In fact, White varies on 11th move from the above game.


1. Karpov vs. Weder - checkmate. Prove black's fianchettoed bishop is bad. Behold Nc3-b1-d2 and c2-c3 to take the only useful square away from Black's knight.

2. Karpov vs. Curt Hansen - Brilliant sacrifice of 2 pieces for 2 pawns to obtain 3 connected passed pawns.

3. Anand vs Loek Van Wely - Brilliant Zugwang with 2 minor pieces on the board for each side.

Schmidt Benoni

1. Karpov vs. Korchnoi

Alekhine Defense

1. Anand vs. Michael Adams - Black lets White establish a knight on e5, supported by the pawn chain - -b2-c3-d4

2. Anand vs. Morozevich - All bishops are exchanged.

3. Anand vs. Conquest

4. Anand vs. Blumenstock - featuring a mate on h8 by Rook supported by a bishop on f6.

Closed Sicilian

1. Spassky vs. Geller - The landmark game. (Just the rook defends the whole queenside - the principle of economic defense!).

2. Spassky vs. Karpov - Draw.