Strategies for using Correspondence games to improve your chess.

Aug 31, 2009, 1:19 AM |

I am a USCF 1900 rated player and there are huge deficits in all facets of my chess. I turned to playing correspondence games on as a means of improving my chess overall.

1. Opening: My opening repertoire is neither wide nor deep. I consult books when making opening moves ... but my repertoire books have too many moves, too many moves deep. In real games, I am not going to be able to memorize that much. So, how deep should I follow book? How wide should I make my repertoire?

2. Middlegame: Is there any easy way of recording one's thoughts during games? What should I record? I started using the *Notes* feature of, but when I started typing, there were too many things to type, and then suddenly, playing got boring because I was typing in too much. What least amount should I record during the game and still benefit?

3. How many games should I play simultaneously, assuming I have one hour per day and I am playing one move per 3 days?