A Guy Thing

Feb 21, 2012, 4:34 AM |



Men subconsciously expect women to feel, respond and communicate like men in any aspect. I remember when I was a kid I was playing a toy gun with my cousin, Rose, I’m in the middle of my imaginary war in Afghanistan holding a machine gun with lots of bullet around my body when my cousin say uy’ powell  ayoko na maglaro punta lang ako sa likod bahay ( hey powell  I don’t want to play anymore I just go to the backyard) How can I fight to my one and only enemy when she didn’t exist anymore. I follow her in our backyard and see her playing jackstone with my other girl cousin’s  at that moment I got mad at her and cry as loud as I can she was shock and ask me why are you crying? I replied  while still crying you said you don’t want to play anymore you lied to me you just don’t like to play with me my cousin hug me and say okay I’m sorry come on join us lets play jackstone,  what???? Oh my gosh! I’m Rambo of my imaginary movie with full metal gear and machine gun with a lot of bullets around my body will play jackstone??? I don’t think so no way!  Sorry cousin I rather play my robot toys.  See’ how men expecting women to be just like them and women expecting men to be just like women. Men want control they don’t want to hear a word specially coming from women that sounds like an order, it threatens his control.  Men are used to have something to play to ease there stress. Men love battle, games, challenges which refer to a competition. I love to play basketball, chess and computer games which lead to a battle game. There are times when men give a computer games seven hours a day but give only one hour to eat, take a bath, brush there teeth and even have there small conversation with there girlfriend. Men like to rule anything. Men take leadership and initiate. Men love to be praise we can’t leave without appreciation. Honestly we don’t really listen often to any girl chit chat in 100% we can only understand the 10% of that. Men are born with a little bit of laziness in there body they maybe hardworking when in comes to there job but not in there house, they maybe do the heavy household but not the light one but mind you guys its cancerous there were times when you don’t do anything of that and you became a tambay’ (by stander)  . so be aware of what your man hood is all about.